Serif or sans serif, thin or thick stems, high or low x-height — the form and details of letters have profound influences on the perception of content and only a few typefaces became that famous that they would influence many generations of designers and readers. A groundbreaking collaboration between viction:ary and design studio TwoPoints.Net, the I Love Type collection captures the contemporary face of eight time-honoured typefaces and their modern variations in striking current applications from the global design scene. Albert-Jan Pool (designer of FF DIN), Jan Middendorp (author and editor of, Wolfgang Hartmann (owner of BauerTypes) and Allan Haley (former vice president of ITC), etc. add depth to the study, as they share first-hand stories and valuable insights into the origin, concepts and development of typeface designs in the preface of respective volumes.

Every typeface has its own charisma. Not only does its presence in design lend attributes to the identity of a product or project, but also reflect the taste, personality and attitude of the designers behind.I Love Type is witness to the fashionable comeback of a selection of time-honored typefaces with focus on one type-family at a time. Capturing a myraid of inventive type treatments, ranging from layout arrangements, special printing and custom variants, the series is a review of how today’s graphic designers are breathing new life into classic typesets and timeless aesthetics into modern context.

I Love Type, Limited Box Set

Editor and designer:

Softcover, 8 Volume (No.1-8) in slipcase

167(L) x 131(W) x 239(H) mm

Language: English