Plus Minus is a creative design hub based in Athens, Greece.

By working from the perspective of a wide range of artistic disciplines, Plus Minus provides out of the box design & build solutions while fostering unexpectable synergies, pumping out energies of a different kind.

The team envisions significant contributions to developing, altering and perfecting design experiences: Unconventional expressions of lifestyle stand as extensions of the enjoyer’s own character, as a reflection of themselves. Groundbreaking environments -their structures, location and cultural significance- generate creative concepts for collective cross-arts motivating projects bringing to the fore the experiential qualities of architecture. Narrative has been used to develop innovative creative productions and stimulating event sites, ranging from conceptualization to realization, from architecture to visual interpretation and communication.

The role of the designer is extended to that of a storyteller and design process is spoken of as an adventure. By “living in your story,” we make information come emotionally alive and we transform isolated facts into illuminated, enduring understandings.

We design you by maturing practices related to human-centered research, design, strategy, and engineering. The process of identifying your needs and engaging creative solutions, informs aesthetics, form and function.




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We are undergoing a huge generational change, teeming with endless talent and swarming with freaks, geeks, artsy entrepreneurs and rip-roaring avant-gardians. An enthusiastic, collaborative team of young professionals, fluent in a wide range of disciplines, is committed to providing creative solutions to fit any scope, budget and schedule.

Plus Minus proposes a collaborative design process, where our clients, friends and collaborators have the opportunity to influence the design from the very earliest stages of development. Diverse perspectives inspire an engaging environment, satisfy all desirable requirements, but also create transformative experiences changing the way professionals work. Heartfelt, whimsical designs delight minds as we build the best team possible to facilitate the development of new stimulating ideas, to make each project special and effective. We interconnect with the resources of talented collaborators and the encouragement of great clients, to keep re-inventing ourselves.

“Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous.” — Bill Moyers




Address: Stadiou 10, 105-64, Athens, Greece  /  Telephone: +30 218 218 6969  /  E-mail: