Plus Minus takes a contemporary approach to housing design, creating, open, flexible, light-filled spaces that are comfortable for living and entertaining. Our team pioneered an updated version of the typical 60’s loft in a new, ground-up model that creates the maximum effect with the minimum of means.

The small apartment, overlooking the Saronic Gulf, has been completely renovated and refurbished in late 2013. The main entrance was relocated, dysfunctional corridors were abolished and divisible spaces were created in order to enhance space for sophisticated entertaining and increase the airflow and circulation. The badly zoned space consisted of several small, anti-social and dysfunctional multi-purpose rooms. The space usage was maximized with a semi-open concept kitchen, convertible storage units and hidden compartments. A glass main entrance door, appropriately scaled and placed to suit the programmatic function of the central room, directly connects and entwines the inner and outer environments.  A large window, strategically placed to maximize the coastal view, was incorporated while expansive porches were added to outdoor living spaces suitable to enjoy the sights and sounds of coastal living. In addition to daylight intake, all large openings establish a direct dialogue between the interior and the exterior creating spaces that seem to extend beyond their walls. Natural cross ventilation is facilitated throughout the home further harmonizing the residence’s relationship with its outdoor setting and consequently maximizing a memorable vacation experience…

Eventually home is where your heart is.



More than just saving space, architects Harris Mantzouranis and Konstantinia Batziou, wanted to create ‘rooms’ that invited constant change. Design, kept simple and understated, will always be attractive to potential purchasers. Apartment renovation is the best opportunity to increase the value of your complex. Today's renters or buyers are increasingly discerning about where they live. No longer do they see an apartment as merely a roof above their heads, but a place that they can call home.



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